First Wave-Tank Test

Monday 27 Oct 14

October 3, 2014:

First Series of Wave-Tank Tests of a Floating Wind Turbine Model in Task 4.2 successfully completed

The first test of a model of the INNWIND.EU 10MW wind turbine on a floating foundation was successfully tested during September, 22 until October, 3 at the “LHEEA - Research Laboratory in Hydrodynamics, Energetics and Atmospheric Environment“ in Nantes/France by the INNWIND.EU partners USTUTT, CENER, POLIMI, DTU, DHI, NTUA and DNVGL.


After assembling the platform model, built at the University of Stuttgart, with the scaled wind turbine model (1:60), built at Politecnico di Milano, combined wind-and-wave tests under realistic operational and extreme conditions were conducted. Later this month the tests will be continued with a ducted fan at the tower top, built by CENER, which imitates the aerodynamic thrust forces.
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