T 1.1 - External Conditions

This task aims at providing the missing information on the external conditions at higher atmospheres which is needed for designing large offshore wind turbines. A precise assessment of energy yield, optimized energy conversion and loads of extra large offshore wind turbines needs high-quality information on atmospheric and ocean conditions. The main challenges in the next generation of offshore turbines are the coverage of atmospheric conditions appropriately in the design phase of the turbine. There is a need to know the stability and flux velocities at atmospheric heights above 150m to model its effects on the operational envelope of large turbines. This knowledge will be acquired by compiling and analyzing existing measurements of the offshore wind resources at higher atmospheres. Accompanying numerical modelling schemes will be set up which will use these high-quality measurement data as input to the analysis of extreme events and operational conditions for these large turbines. Two subtasks are anticipated:

Subtask 1.1.1.

Database of existing wind measurements at higher atmospheres: Gathering and compilation of existing offshore wind measurements performed at higher atmospheres using ground/floating, nacelle LIDARs and very tall met-masts, which are crucial to understand the operating conditions of 10-20 MW offshore wind turbines.

Subtask 1.1.2.

Modelling the external conditions at high atmospheres: Characterization of the offshore atmospheric, oceanographic conditions and the effect of the surrounding topography will be studied using the above measurements and meso/micro-scale modelling to understand the design conditions for large offshore wind turbines situated in such areas.

24 MARCH 2023