T 1.4 - Integrated Innovative Concepts combined with Advanced Controls

The objective is to develop a framework for the desired operation of the innovative wind turbine by taking into consideration the system level interactions between the promising subsystems of Task 1.2 and design options of Task 1.3, combined with advanced controls.

Subtask 1.4.1.

Innovative measurements for control. Measurements sensors used will be Spinner Anemometers (sonic measurements of the spinner flow), Nacelle and spinner Lidar (laser measurements 10-200 m in front of the rotor), Blade Lidar (laser measurements 1-10 m in front of the blades). The data gathered thereby will be used to analyze individual pitch and distributed blade flap control for enhanced power and reduced fatigue- and extreme loads.

Subtask 1.4.2.

Control strategies. Methodology for feed-forward control strategies using nacelle or blade based sensors and distributed blade flap control strategies are used to reduce the impact of extreme and fatigue loading of large wind turbines. Real time system simulation is used to demonstrate the effect of the innovative controls strategy.

Subtask 1.4.3.

Quantification of turbine performance. This is accomplished through extensive simulations (LEVEL 2 approach, including stochastic and extreme loading and new storm performance models) and a prototype flaps system tested on a research wind turbine rotor. The effects of some of the innovative controls proposed will be demonstrated on this research turbine.

16 APRIL 2024