T 3.2 - Magnetic Pseudo direct drive generator

The main objective of this task is the design and analysis of magnetic pseudo direct-drive generators. Magnetic pseudo direct-drive generators are a major innovation for wind turbines, because they consist of a mechanical and magnetic integration of a multi-pole permanent magnet machine and a magnetic gearbox. Such a combination is not only expected to be smaller than a conventional generator system, but the magnetic gear is also expected to be much more reliable than a conventional gear because there is no mechanical contact and wear between the teeth.

Subtask 3.2.1.

Design of Magnetic Pseudo Direct Drive generators (Sheffield). Design tools will be developed and employed to estimate key performance indicators for the 10-20 MW class. The main limitations of the technology and the challenges to be overcome when scaling it up will be identified.

Subtask 3.2.2.

Industrial demonstration of PDD generator (MAGNOMATICS): A 250 kW, 50 kNm demonstrator pseudo direct drive generator will be designed, manufactured and tested in order to validate the design tools and demonstrate the technical feasibility. The electromagnetic performance and the magnet retention method of this demonstrator can be scaled up to the MW class.