T 3.3 - Power electronics

This task mainly aims to design innovative converters tailored for 10-20 MW Wind turbines with special generators. ‘Off-the shelf’ converter solutions do not meet the requirements of these high capacity converters with specific space, efficiency and reliability constraints.

Subtask 3.3.1.

Power electronics tailored to SC and PDD concepts: Superconducting and magnetic pseudo direct drive generators need specific innovative power electronic solutions with requirements on waveform quality, because non-ideal waveforms may result in additional heating and vibrations.

Subtask 3.3.2.

New components and innovative topologies for increasing reliability and efficiency: Assess new power semiconductors (SiC) aiming at breakthroughs in converter efficiency, and topologies (modular multilevel) to investigate innovative reliable power electronic components and topologies, and to compare them with baseline converters.