T 3.4 - Mechanical integration and integrated design

This task aims to assess different innovative mechanical construction forms of the drive train and the nacelle to enable assessment of the performance indicators for innovative drive train configurations.

Subtask 3.4.1.

Create conceptual nacelle designs of 10-20 MW turbines: This task mainly supports the other tasks of WP3 in assessing the performance indicators of the different drive train technologies in collaboration with WP1. This is necessary because the weight and costs of the generator system only constitutes a part of the total weight and costs of the nacelle. Therefore, this task will integrate and evaluate different mechanical and structural conceptual designs of the drive train consisting of shafts, bearings, gearbox and bedplate in combination with innovative generators and converters.

Subtask 3.4.2.

Assessment of superconductor and pseudo magnetic generator: The results of subtask 3.4.1 and tasks 3.1 to 3.3 will be combined and the performance indicators for each configuration will be assessed. The design data will be completed with baseline assumptions if data is missing. Where needed and feasible the results will be fed back to the designers in an iterative design process.

Subtask 3.4.3.

Mechanical support of active material in superconducting generator: Superconductors can only tolerate a certain critical strain before entering the normal state. Thus the strain imposed on the coils of superconducting generators by thermal stress, Lorentz forces and extreme conditions will be investigated with the purpose to design innovative support structures.

4 JUNE 2023