T 5.1 - Minimize Time-to-the-Market of the Innovative Concepts

The selected conceptual designs will be standardized in terms of the key design requirements for each sub system, so that this knowledge can be utilized in future development and demonstration of the concept. Partners actively involved in standardization and certification of WTGS will be asked to identify the requirements for the innovative concepts in the standard design practice of the industry and minimize their time-to-the-market. This will be achieved through an organized techno economic dialogue with all the WPs. Here, the performance of the conceptual designs will be assessed in terms of their maturity and performance index (cost impact, weight impact and reliability).

The performance index rates the competence of that innovation in reaching the desired objective while the maturity index rates the market potential of the technology today. The conceptual design that is assessed the highest rating, its design methodology, loads envelope, requirements for the technology implementation will be documented so that the same can be utilized in the development of future standards for turbine certification.

30 JUNE 2022