T 5.3 - Dissemination of New Knowledge

Workshops will be organized at at least two European Wind Energy Conferences during the project duration. EWEC events are accessible to all EWEC conference and exhibition visitors. These events will present the project findings and act as a dissemination opportunity. The findings of the project will also be presented as papers and posters at these conferences. This also provides an opportunity for the European wind industry to understand the findings and thereby consider them in their own business growth strategies.

Publications in leading European conferences, international journals and reports will be made to document the technical progress arising from this project that is not proprietary to any of the partners in the project. The conceptual design of the turbine will be documented and made available to the industrial community at large with the evaluations of the innovations made. This will serve as the new reference turbine for the design of the future 20MW turbine.

Finally, the universities will focus on active knowledge transfer within the wind energy industry. The contributions of the universities to INNWIND.EU will strengthen expertise in specific research fields and boost the existing industry cooperation. A website will be made that will host:

  • A public external part presenting objectives, results, communication activities, contact and partner’s details, and other appropriate information.
24 JANUARY 2022