T 6.2 - Coordination of R&D activities

The coordination of R&D and Demo activities falling within the 4 technological work packages detailed above will be 1) at the Annual General meeting 2) The Annual General Assambly and 3) at the annual work package leader meeting.

Inside the work packages it is the Work Package leader and task leaders that do the coordination of the activities. CRES is doing the R&D coordination of the whole consortium together with the coordinator DTU Wind Energy. In the annual activity report an assessment will be made of the progress in all work packages and tasks according to plans and of the corrective measures that it can be necessary to implement.

The coordinator is responsible for the activity report but the collection of reports from the work package and task leaders and the assessment work will be done by CRES and approved by the coordinator. The coordinator will have control over the status of the deliverables and reports in the EU Cordis system to ensure that everybody is complying to the schedule.

27 MAY 2020