Deliverable reports on INNWIND.EU


Work package 1

Deliverable 1.11 - Database of existing Wind parameter Measurements for tall atmospheres across 


Deliverable 1.21 - Definition of the reference Wind Turbine - Analysis of Rotor Design Parameters

Deliverable 1.21 - Reference Wind Turbine Report

Deliverable 1.21 - Controller description Land Version

Deliverable 1.21 - Interface document for preliminary jacket design

Deliverable 1.21INNWIND.EU Cost Model

Deliverable 1.22 - Definition of  Performance Indicators  (PIs) and Target Values

Deliverable 1.23 - PI-Based Assessment of Innovative Concepts (Methodological Issues)
Deliverable 1.24 - PI-based Assessment of the Results of WP2-WP4. Ongoing Integration Action

Deliverable 1.25 - PI-based assessment (application) on the results of WP2-WP4 for 20 MW wind turbines
Deliverable 1.31 - Report on PI based assessment of reduced tower top mass concepts

Deliverable 1.32 - PI-based assessments of 2 bladed concepts

Deliverable 1.33 - Innovative Turbine Concepts - Multi-rotor System

Deliverable 1.34 - Integrated System Reliability Analysis
Deliverable 1.35 - System design assessment for innovative support structures

Deliverable 1.41 - Innovative measurements and Sensors for control 

Deliverable 1.42 - Methodology for Feed-Forward Control Strategies using Nacelle or Blade Based

      Sensors and Distributed Control 

Deliverable 1.43 - Methods for feed-forward control and real time system simulator

Deliverable 1.44 - PI-based assessment of most promising concepts combined with advanced control


Work package 2 

Deliverable 2.11 - New Aerodynamics rotor concepts specifically for very large offshore Wind turbines

Deliverable 2.12 - New airfoils for high rotational speed wind turbines
Deliverable 2.13 - Validation of high rotational speed aerodynamics by wind tunnel tests, Part I and Part II

Deliverable 2.21 - Results of the benchmark for blade structural models, Part A

Deliverable 2.21 - Benchmarked aerodynamic-structural design method, Part B
Deliverable 2.22 - New lightweight structural blade designs and blade designs with build-in structural


Deliverable 2.23 - New morphing blade section designs and structural solutions for smart blades
Deliverable 2.24 - Manufactured and laboratory tested scaled blades and parts of the blade   

Deliverable 2.31 - New Concepts to control the load along the span of the blade, passive, active or


Deliverable 2.32 - Validation of New Control Concepts by Advanced Fluid-Structure Interaction Tools

Deliverable 2.33 - Demonstration and validation of new control concepts by dedicated and scaled turbine



Work package 3

Deliverable 3.11 - Direct Drive Superconducting Generators for INNWIND.EU wind turbines

Deliverable 3.12 - Investigation of Super-Conducting Direct Drive Generators
Deliverable 3.13
- Fabrication of MgB2 Coils - A superconducting generator pole demonstrator 
Deliverable 3.21
 - Design and PI of PDD generator

Deliverable 3.31 - Converter designs tailored to SC and PDD concepts
Deliverable 3.32 - Converter designs based on new components and modular multilevel topologies
Deliverable 3.41 - Conceptual nacelle designs of 10-20 MW wind turbines   

Deliverable 3.42 - First assessment of performance indicators of Superconducting direct drive and Pseudo magnetic direct drive generators

Deliverable 3.43 - Design of mechanical support of active materials in superconducting generators

Deliverable 3.44 - Final assessment of superconducting (SC) and Pseudo Direct Drive (PDD) generator performance indicators (PI’s)


Work package 4

Deliverable 4.11 - State of the art on component level

Deliverable 4.12 - Innovations on component level (interim report)

Deliverable 4.13 - Innovations on component level

Deliverable 4.14 - Validation of innovations by tests on component level
Deliverable 4.15 - Innovations on component level for coming 20MW turbines

Deliverable 4.21 - State-of-the-art and implementation of design tools for floating structures

Deliverable 4.22 - Methods for performing scale-tests for method and model validation of floating

                              Wind turbines

Deliverable 4.24 - Results of wave tank tests
Deliverable 4.25 - Results of codes validation with wave tank tests
Deliverable 4.31
 - Reference Jacket

Deliverable 4.32 - Innovative Concepts for Bottom-Mounted Structures

Deliverable 4.33 - Innovative Concepts for Floating Structures

Deliverable 4.34 - Innovative Design of a 10MW Steel-Type Jacket

Deliverable 4.35 - Innovative Design of a hybrid-type jacket for 10MW turbines

Deliverable 4.36 - Design Solution for a Support Structure Concept for future 20MW

Deliverable 4.37 - Design Solutions for 10MW Floating Offshore Wind Turbines


Work package 5

Deliverable 5.11 - Initial roadmap with path from innovative project results towards implementation in

      the market
Deliverable 5.12 - Requirements for new standards and guidelines to implement innovative designs in

      10MW – 20MW offshore wind turbines

Deliverable 5.13 - Technology Roadmap
Deliverable 5.21 - Workshop: dissemination of results and feedback from participants
14 JULY 2024